Google Partners

Google Partners is Googles program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants who manage AdWords accounts. The Google Partners API lets advertisers search certified companies and create contact leads with them, and also audits the usage of clients.nbsp;


API Paths

Get Analytics (GET) /v2/analytics OpenAPI
Get Generic Message Log (POST) /v2/clientMessages:log OpenAPI
Get Company (GET) /v2/companies/{companyId} OpenAPI
Get Company Leads (POST) /v2/companies/{companyId}/leads OpenAPI
Get Companies (GET) /v2/companies OpenAPI
Update Company (PATCH) /v2/companies OpenAPI
Get Exam Token (GET) /v2/exams/{examType}/token OpenAPI
Get Leads (GET) /v2/leads OpenAPI
Update Lead (PATCH) /v2/leads OpenAPI
Get Offers (GET) /v2/offers OpenAPI
Get Historical Offers (GET) /v2/offers/history OpenAPI
Get Partner Status (GET) /v2/partnersstatus OpenAPI
Log User Event (POST) /v2/userEvents:log OpenAPI
Update User Profile (PATCH) /v2/users/profile OpenAPI
Delete user Company Relation (DELETE) /v2/users/{userId}/companyRelation OpenAPI
Create user Company Relation (PUT) /v2/users/{userId}/companyRelation OpenAPI
Get User (GET) /v2/users/{userId} OpenAPI
Get States For User (GET) /v2/userStates OpenAPI